Svelte Storm: Svelte’s First IDE

Arron Nestor
3 min readJul 14, 2021
Svelte Storm: Svelte’s First IDE

Svelte Storm is a new open-source IDE built for Svelte developers. Launching on July 15th 2021, Svelte Storm and its repo will be open for contributions and issues as the team continues to grow and expand the product.

But, what is Svelte?

Svelte is a JavaScript framework with the goal of allowing developers to write clean, declarative, and understandable code to build reactive single page applications. The Svelte community is growing, and as it grows there are more developers enticed by one of Svelte’s main doctrines: ditching the virtual DOM.

React and Angular are able to ship with a virtual DOM that recalculates and updates the application every time state is changed. Additionally, other popular frameworks have compatibility to run in the browser, which means the framework has the ability to boot up before your application codes. Setting it apart from its’ peers, Svelte is a compiler. Svelte will keep track of state and at compile-time it will surgically update DOM elements by utilizing the native DOM API. This utilization is key as it allows for no additional framework shipping with the application and focuses on just business logic. As of right now, Svelte is outperforming its competitors in both performance and bundle size.

If you’re like us , you’re probably asking yourself, “what’s the catch?”
Svelte syntax is very clean and concise and by many in the field’s opinion, allows for ideal organization when building components. However, its logic for component updating is heavily reliant on state and assignment. This reliance can sometimes make managing state for a substantially large application a cumbersome task.

Though I’ve mentioned the performance and bundle size rankings, I’ve honestly never considered them when choosing a framework for my own projects. A huge pull for me is the community and open-source activity within it. I tend to favor React not because of it’s startup metrics and memory allocation (which are outperformed by Vue and Svelte), but because I can safely assume there is someone who’s encountered a problem I’m working on and has posted and shared their experience online. Strong backing and community involvement are one of my own main drivers for picking frameworks, and it is unfortunately one of the main reasons for not using Svelte in production.

But fear not! As mentioned earlier, the community is growing, and with this growth comes the launch of Svelte Storm on July 15th of this year. Svelte Storm is an open-source IDE with a built-in State Manager, window for viewing your project in real time, file directory access, and built-in terminal. Svelte Storm was built using Svelte and Electron and is downloadable for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. With this launch, we are hoping to provide a foundation to incorporate the tooling and backing that Svelte deserves. In providing this platform, we hope the community feels supported in their navigation of this framework as it continues to grow.

The Svelte Storm team consists of Arron Nestor, Aye Moe, Frank Stepanski, Kevin Sarchi, and Sam Filip.

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